Q: Why should I enter my product /campaign for Retail Jeweller India Award (RJIA)?

A: The Retail Jeweller India Award characterizes excellence and prestige. Its strongly establishes your jewellery store brand’s superiority in design and creativity propelling your product/brand to benefit in a competitive market place. The Retail Jeweller India Award brings a unique distinction to your design by recognizing the artistic and creative inputs that has gone into making the product exemplary.

Q: Who may enter the Retail Jeweller India Award?

A: Any individual jewellery designer with a retail outlet entertaining walk-in clients (not appointment only), retail jeweller, retailer cum manufacturer (with very small exposure in manufacturing and b-2-b trading) or brand retailing from other retail outlets , may make an entry for any category of the Retail Jeweller India Award. Marketing professionals and agencies may make the entries on behalf of their clients in the retail and marketing categories.

Q: What is the criterion for evaluating the entries for The Retail Jeweller India Award?

A: The entries for The Retail Jeweller India Award will be judged for their excellence in originality, creativity and commerciality.

Q: What do I have to do in order to make an entry?

A: Once entries are opened, complete the registration process and submit it. You will receive an acknowledgement when we receive the form. Subsequently, you will be informed about its acceptance. The acceptance notification will provide you the link for proceeding with the award entry. Past participants will receive an invite for participation with a pre-generated login id. They will not have to go through the registration process. They can swiftly make the payment and start the entry process.

Q: Are there any fees involved?

A: Yes, there is a one-time entry fee, which will be used to defray the expenses of the judging and administrative processes involved in awarding the Retail Jeweller India Award. Unlike most other award platforms we do not charge as per the number of categories you choose to participate in. Instead, we levy a flat fee which allows you to participate in 20 jewellery and 4 retail and marketing categories.

Q: What is the judging process, and who is involved?

A: The Retail Jeweller India Award Jury panel under the supervision of Hansa Research will review the entries online and announce the first list of all selection in jewellery design categories and the finalists in the Retail and Marketing Categories. The selected designs will be called for the final physical evaluation by the jury panel. Hansa Research will tabulate the ratings of the jury members to arrive at the final nominations and winners.

Q: Who is in the Jury Panel for 2019?

A: The Jury Panel of The Retail Jeweller India Award is an eclectic mix of individuals with long standing professional experience across fields of Gems and jewellery, fashion, media, business and entertainment. The diverse background of the panellists brings in an unbiased and balanced judgement on the designs. The Jury Panel for 2019 will be disclosed after the Grand Jury Meet.

Q: When are the winners announced?

A: The winners of the Retail Jeweller India Award are kept strictly confidential and will be announced at the Retail Jeweller India Award Gala on 10th August, 2019. All nominees, finalists and other industry stakeholders are invited to attend the award ceremony.

Q: What happens if our nomination is a winner?

A: If you win the Retail Jeweller India Award you have the freedom to publicize the great honour. We will provide a template press release or you can write your own. Winners may leverage the Retail Jeweller India Award winning certificate and trophy. The nominated designs and the awards show are professionally video shot and the films (exclusively showing individual retailer’s winning moment and designs) can be shared on request.

Q: Do the organizers build consumer awareness to build greater prestige value of Retail Jeweller India Award?

A: Every year, Retail Jeweller India Award hires a professional PR agency to popularize the platform amongst consumers through lifestyle print, electronic, online and social media channels. As per the discretion of the media, winning and nominated designs are published in these mediums. Last year the jury meet and awards generated a PR value of Rs 4.32Crore.

Q: Is there a way to collaborate with the organizers to amplify the win?

A: Yes, we can help you in multiple ways to promote the win. Last year Retail Jeweller, the company that organizes Retail Jeweller India Award and publishes the Retail Jeweller magazine, read and trusted by thousands of jewellers, launched India’s first precious jewellery online media As a proud nominee or a winner you can customize a marketing plan that includes content creation and content marketing across social media platforms directly engaging with a captive audience of precious jewellery lovers.